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In-house pet care services from Sitter4Pets

Sitter4Pets Pet and House Sitting can help you with complete in-house pet care services that meet all of your requirements.  Eleanor understands that each pet is different and that they have their own behaviours and quirks.   Every pet owner receives a tailored care plan for their home and pets so the following prices are for guidance only.


Sitter4pets prices are competitive with other pet sitting services charging on average  £59.00 per day for looking after one dog plus an additional fee for the sitter's travelling expenses.    


Sitter4pets do not charge for daily food or travel subsistence, Eleanor and her assistants are happy to provide their own food and to cover their own travelling costs.

£7.00 for a 30 minute visit - this covers all your pets in the household


This service also incurs a charge of £5 per every 15 minutes to cover travel time and return fuel expenses


Consultation / Pet Meet

Sitter4pets will make arrangments to visit your home to meet you and your pets, at a time that is most convenient to you.


You will be provided with a comprehensive booking form to complete.  This form covers everything from your pet's favourite sleeping place to the location of your stop water tap.  Sitter4pets will review every detail to ensure that your pets and home are being cared for to the highest of standards.    

£40.00 per day for one dog


£12.00 per day for each dog thereafter


Small additional fee for any other pets in the household, ie cats or caged animals.

"When we went away last year, we put our Staffie dog Stanley in boarding kennels for the first time and I must say it did spoil our holiday somewhat as we were worried about him being alone in his kennel. So when we took Stanley to visit Ellie I just knew he was going to be in safe hands on a one to one basis and we were right! We had a lovely holiday and didn’t worry once about Stanley and we returned home to a very happy dog! Thanks Ellie, we will be booking again next year x"


- Rachel Clamp from Darfield, Barnsley said on Jul 18, 2013 11:56 PM

For home pet boarding services in and around South Yorkshire,

call me on

07814 843 051

£95.00 for each dog


This fee covers the in depth consultation at your home which can take up to 2 hours.  It also covers the time it takes to review the very detailed behaviour assessment form and provide a personalised report to support the session.

Administration Fee

There is a one off Administration Fee of £20.00 for all new clients.  


This fee covers the initial consultation/pet meet, some travelling expenses, a full review of the client booking form, all client details being added to the Sitter4pets secure database, Sitter4pets insurance for the care, custody of your pets and for the safety of your property keys.

Bank Holiday and Christmas rates:


For all services there are additional charges for the following holidays:


Time and half for Bank Holidays, Good Friday and Easter Monday


Double time for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Each client is also welcome to join the Sitter4pets Loyalty Group where there are benefits and discounts available.

Loyalty discounts

Home Boarding

£28.00 per day for one dog


£10.00 per day for each dog thereafter (maximum of 2 dogs and from the same household)


Smaller fees for pets such as cats or caged animals