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Sitter4pets Qualifications

Eleanor continuously strives to offer a perfect pet sitting service for her clients.  


Eleanor understands that loving a pet is one thing and caring for them correctly can be quite another.  Eleanor has always been keen to understand more about our pets needs and is always looking at more ways to learn and improve on her skills.   With this in mind, Eleanor has completed a number of courses so that she can increase her knowledge and provide more services to her clients.  


Here is a list of her qualifications and she will be happy to provide you with a copy of her certificates if you request them.

Peppa and Benson in water








Pet Sitting Diploma


Pet First Aid


Amichien Bonding (Dog behaviour) by Jan Fennell


IABTC - How Dogs Learn


IABTC - Dog Evolution and Breeds


Animal Reiki - Usui Level 1 Attunement


Animal Reiki - Usui Level 2 Practitioner


Dog Psychology


Dog Grooming


Pet Nutrition


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November 2016


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