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Why choose Sitte4pets Pet Sitting Services

Total peace of mind


Sitter4pets Pet and House Sitting Services are the kindest arrangements you can offer your pets by leaving them at home in familiar surroundings.  This is  a perfect alternative to leaving your pet in a boarding kennel or with a home boarder.  This service is simply not comparable to these types of boarding services as it is adaptable to each and every pet and the owner's home.    Sitter4pets covers areas in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield and Sheffield.


You can have total peace of mind knowing all of your pets are in safe hands with a highly experienced, qualified, friendly and reliable pet sitter. Your pets can enjoy the safety and comfort of home surrounded by their familiar scents and surroundings.  The fact that Eleanor moves into your home for the duration of your holiday is what sets her apart from other pet care services.  

Eleanor always carries a pet first aid kit and is qualified in basic first aid.   Sitter4pets is fully insured including a care, custody and control policy covering your pet while they are in her care.


All pet routines are kept the same


Your pets normal routines such as feeding times, exercise, sleeping area, any medications etc all remain the same which helps reduce any stress or anxiety while you are away.  Sitter4pets services are here to minimise the disruption to your pet's routine, allowing them to remain in their normal environment while you are away on holiday or unable to provide the usual level of care due to work commitments or illness.    


Whether you want a simple pet pop in service where Eleanor visits your home a few times each day or you need an overnight pet sitting service, you can rely on Sitter4pets for first-rate pet care services at all times.  Pet sitting is also beneficial for people who have a variety of pets in the same household.


Personalised pet care unique to your requirements


Eleanor has been pet sitting for 14 years and has a long list of happy clients that continue to use her pet care services for years.  Eleanor maintains the highest level of personalised pet care and your pets welfare are her top priorty.   Having a pet and house sitter not only ensures the happiness of all your pets but can simplify your pre-holiday workload considerably.  Making just one call to Sitter4pets can ensure all your pets remain safely at home.  


Arrangements will be made for a visit to your home to discuss your requirements.   Sitter4pets' comprehensive booking form asks for all the information required to look after your pet(s) and home so that every need is taken care of.  All clients information is kept on a secure database and all property keys are kept in a safe place.


Your pet will receive plenty of daily one on one time with a qualified and experienced pet sitter and you will be provided with regular updates on your pet's wellbeing.


Home security


Having a house sitter is the ultimate protection for your home against burglary, vandalism or an emergency such as a burst pipe or a sick pet.   Eleanor stays in your home overnight and offers strict security and confidentiality.   Your garden and all indoor / outdoor plants will be watered, the bins taken out / put back, curtains opened / closed and full house cleanliness maintained.