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Wonderful clients and happy pets!

In 2012, I embarked on a new and exciting career journey: proudly setting up ‘Sitter4Pets and House Sitting Services’ as a full time business. We lovingly look after our clients pets and homes so they can enjoy a worry-free holiday!

But every new beginning comes from some beginning’s end…

A devastating car accident changed my life! During my 7 year long and painful investigative, diagnosis and rehabilitation, a family member asked me if I would mind staying in their home and looking after their dogs and cats while they were away. 
I thought it was a lovely idea and it turned one of the worst periods of my life into one of the best.

The experience was life changing!

Whilst I hadn’t previously considered it as a job, things just felt like they had clicked into place and there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do.  Even when I returned to my previous employment, I would be in the office as normal, but would essentially be living out of other people’s homes. I was at my own home so infrequently that I ended up selling my house. It was a time of great effort and personal sacrifice.

That’s when I had my Eureka moment:

When I decided to become my own boss, I knew that I would do whatever it takes to make it work; creating a named business was a huge milestone! Due to my wonderful clients, booking with me year on year (it is a family after all), I have been able to build a team of additional sitters, which means I rarely have to turn anyone away.

¡Su casa es mi casa!

With ‘Sitter4Pets and House Sitting Services’, you’re not just inviting a stranger into your home – we become a part of your extended family. Your furry, feathery and scaley friends will be looked after like one of our own, in the environment in which they’re most comfortable. Whatever the reason you’re away, they’ll hardly even notice you’re gone… and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

My personal qualities are reliability, empathetic, constantly aware of your pet’s behaviour and mood.  I am naturally a focused and driven person who feels comfortable with procedures in place but able to have a laugh and fun at the drop of a hat.  I enjoy reading Stephen King and Isaac Asimov books plus watching plenty of sci-fi and scary movies.

I enjoy learning new things and I am completely addicted to Nutella!

I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Network where I have studied to become a pet business mentor.

Here are the lovely comments from my business coach Helen Motteram

EXCITING NEWS ������  Eleanor Marie Oates – Pet & House sitting business Mentor graduated in October 2021 to become a Platinum Member and an official approved coach!
We are so proud to announce that Eleanor, who has been on our 1-2-1 coaching programme is now a Platinum member.
She has successfully undergone a rigorous one to one coaching programme and assessment process, ensuring she meets our high standards and progressing in her pet sitting and coaching business journey.
She will continue to receive ongoing coaching in our PPN community, which will ensure she can give their clients the best ongoing support.

Eleanor shows amazing determination and has a strong drive to help others. She has achieved so much and really pushes forward.
Her business standards are exceptional, and I can’t wait for her to help coach others so we can continue to raise the standards in the pet care industry!

And the team …

The whole sitter family are qualified and experienced, with 1000s of pet sits completed over the years. They are handpicked, personally interviewed, vetted and Police checked to ensure they meet Eleanor’s very high standards of service. Very few pass the stringent requirements Eleanor has in place (in fact only 3% of applicants get through to working at Sitter4Pets).

Not only do the sitters have lots of experience and qualifications they also are required to perform to the exacting standards Eleanor is known for which sets them all way above the rest of the pet services industry.

The sitters also follow Eleanor’s attitude of self development and undertake to gain additional specific expertise in certain pet types and breeds. Each sitter completes courses such as a Pet Sitting Diploma and Pet First Aid Certificate to improve their knowledge and skills.

Rest assured that when you book a sitter through Sitter4Pets you will get a sitter who really is a cut above the rest. You can regard any sitter that you meet to be an extension of Eleanor herself.