Be fully prepared with all of the information a pet sitter will need from you so they can better take care of your pet !

I am sharing a Client Information Pack with you.

This client information pack was invaluable to me when I first started building my reputation.

The questions I created in this form helped me to offer a high standard of care to my clients and in turn, my clients felt confident in my ability because of the information that I asked for.

This document helps you to feel better and more in control when leaving your pets and home in someone else’s care.

You won’t need to worry about whether you’ve forgotten to mention anything about your pets and your home.

This form has been designed by me, a professional pet sitter with over 15 years of pet sitting experience.

If you use a pet sitter who already has their own form then they you can easily share the document with them so they can include their own specific questions.
This enables the information to be more personalised for you, your pet and your sitter.