When you entrust me to look after your pets …

You’ll benefit from:

  • My 17 years of experience in this field.
  • The professional knowledge I’ve developed through the many courses and qualifications I’ve obtained.
  • My expertise in managing the health and wellbeing of your pets and keeping your property safe.
  • My proven ability to offer you peace of mind.
  • TheOver 70,000 hours of pet sitting (plus a further 60,000 hours supervising my sitters) where I’ve encountered and overcome pretty much every challenge you can think of.
  • My ability to effectively deal with any pet or property emergency.
  • The essential credentials of a Pet first aid certificate, pet sitting insurance, various qualifications in pet care and a DBS check.
  • A bespoke online business management system that safely stores all of the information needed to effectively take care of your pets and home and provide you with accurate updates.
  • TheThe entire process being managed for you giving you reassurance and peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.

Watch this video for Eleanor’s pricing information.

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My prices start from £120 per day for one pet with an additional £25 for each pet thereafter.