Pet Sitting / House Sitting Services

We specialise in one service.

All of our training and expertise is focused towards this one service.

We can help you by staying in your home during the day and overnight to take care of your pet(s) and your home.

We can help you by staying in your home between 09:00am and 6:00pm so you can go out for the day.

We can help you by staying in your home between 6:00pm and 09:00am so you can enjoy a night out. 

  • Do you worry about leaving your dog or cat in a boarding kennel?
  • What if they don’t settle? What if they don’t get along with the other pets there?
  • The kennel will feel like a strange place to your dog or cat and this together with a change in their normal routine, scents, sounds and sights can cause some pets to become anxious or physically unwell.
  • Maybe you rely on friends, neighbours or relatives to look after your pets? This can be a helpful alternative to boarding kennels. However, is your friend relative/neighbour qualified in pet first aid should your pet have an accident or become unwell? Do they know how to react in an emergency in your home such as a burst water pipe or blown fuse?
  • Are they also insured? What if there are any accidents/breakages in your home, who is responsible for this? With having a neighbour/friend/relative helping you out, you are also likely to feel obliged to owe them a favour and this can cause friction at some point.

Would you really enjoy your holiday or would you spend most of your time worrying about your pet’s welfare?

There is a perfect solution with Sitter4Pets. Let a professional pet sitter take on the responsibility – it’s what we do.


Cats are creatures of habit who thrive on routine. Most cats will have a set pattern they follow every day. Their routines will develop around your schedule and your household routines. While such a routine driven life may seem boring to humans, it helps cats feel safe and confident.

Cats are also territorial animals. The cats in your neighbourhood will have spent time establishing their territories and will have a hierarchy built up. Introducing a new cat or removing an existing cat from this balanced system will upset them all and they’ll need to re-establish their areas. Taking your cat out of this system for even a few days will mean that they will have to set their boundaries again which could easily result in fresh scuffles and a change in the pecking order.

For cats the options are clearly to either have a pet sitter to stay in your home and look after their needs in place or to arrange to have a sitter who pops in a couple of times a day to check on them and feed them and make sure the house is fine. We have found over many years of doing both pop ins and full sits that the cats are generally happier with a full pet sit service. Even the really shy ones tend to come out and spend time with their sitter.

Sleeping cat.


Dogs also enjoy feeling secure in their home environment with day-to-day routines and consistency being particularly important. Keeping your dog’s daily activities such as feeding times, walking times, play times and quiet times all regularly scheduled into their day will make them feel safe and secure.

They like to have special spots to call their own (even as a respite from the other members of their family). It might be their bed, a crate, a special sofa or simply a preferred corner to go a lie down quietly in.

Whilst being taken out of this environment for short periods is exciting and stimulating and something they enjoy, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and a dog can easily get overstimulated by the unfamiliar and this can lead to stress and behavioural changes. Of course if they are with you personally when away from home they’ll simply trust that you know what you’re doing and they will be happy and calm in the knowledge that you are in charge.

For dogs the only realistic service is the full pet sit. Dogs simply don’t respond well to being alone for the majority of their day especially if they haven’t had to be alone for long periods before.

Snoozing Dog

Other Pets

As your pets can be many and varied we offer our service to include pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, fish, snakes, spiders, rats and tortoises. Some of these have more in depth needs and a more constant watch over them is needed.

Please Note – We CANNOT help with regular, ongoing visits such as checking on your pet every afternoon while you are at work.


Over many years, Eleanor has invested time and money into broadening her knowledge on dog behaviour and has gained invaluable experience with dogs that she pet sits for.

Eleanor happily helps out dog owners by providing her tips and guidance and can offer advice on issues such as dogs jumping up, being fussy with their food and separation anxiety.

Eleanor does offer this advice in her respectful but no-nonsense (Barnsley accent) attitude so please be warned!

Prices start from £35 per hour.


Reiki is used to restore balance and promote the body’s self-healing ability.   This energy treatment is perfect for both you and your pets.

Distance Reiki is sending you or your pet life force energy that has healing properties.  It does not disturb you or your pet and you can relax in your own home while Reiki is sent to you.

Distant Reiki can help pets by clearing negative energy, helping with separation anxiety or aid recover from a physical illness.

A more detailed explanation of Distant Reiki and how it can help you or your pet will be provided following your enquiry.

Prices start from £19 for a 30 minute treatment.