Our Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly during our booking with you. The information contained herewith as accumulated over many years of experience with staying in other people’s homes and looking after their pets. The wording may come across as unemotional but please rest assured that we put our hearts into taking care of your beloved pets and home.

These terms of service define the conditions of which a pet sitter is granted permission to occupy the pet owner’s home for the duration of the booking. Note that each party is given a name, the pet owner is called the “Client” and the pet sitter is called the “Sitter.” The Sitter is not an employee or partner of the Owner.

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I have gone and done it! I have created a new business page for my Mentoring. This is all very new so please bear with me but I have taken the first step 😄x

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I love reading my amazing client reviews ! Here is the latest one 😍

"I have always been worried about leaving my little chihuahua feral princess puppy alone or with anyone else, because since ... See more

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