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Sitter4Pets are a small team of experienced and qualified sitters who ensure total peace of mind that your pets will be looked after with the upmost care and attention.

Just like the humans in your family we all know each pet is different and they have their own quirks, routines and behaviours. Our sitters are so highly recommended as each and every pet comes to regard us as part of their own family.

Centred around Doncaster our Sitter4Pets client family extends to include: Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield, Sheffield and the newly added Holmfirth.

Our sitters are experts at looking after any animals you may have

We have specialist training in many breeds and species
Most of our clients have dogs and cats but we have also looked after:
Rabbits, fish, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, ponies, spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs, and even an alligator!!!
Every single one of them loves their sitter and all are happy and relaxed throughout our stay with them

Don’t just take our word for it…

When ‘Thank You’ Just Isn’t Big Enough

At the time of reaching out to Eleanor, our stress levels were through the roof and energy levels on the floor because our much planned and awaited 5-week long holiday abroad was on the verge of being cancelled due to a previous pet home-boarding arrangement falling through just 10 days before we were supposed to fly out (not to mention our flight also got cancelled that same morning)! We were pretty convinced that we won’t be able to find anyone who’d agree to look after our dogs for 5 weeks at such short notice.

We had never considered getting a pet sitter before and weren’t keen on the idea of letting a stranger stay at our house (OCD personality here!). But neither did we have enough time to find a new boarding place, do trial runs etc. nor had any other options in front of us – there was no way our dogs were going to survive being in a kennel for 5 weeks when they couldn’t handle being home- boarded due to their separation anxiety – that’s what one year of both me and my Mrs’s working from home did to them and that’s how the previous home boarding arrangement fell through (despite the boarding place doing three trials to get our dogs to feel at home)!

After reading the reviews from other pet owners on Facebook about how well Eleanor and Co. had looked after their pets (and how they left the houses much cleaner than when they were handed over), we decided to give Eleanor a call.

And god, aren’t glad we made that phone call to Sitter4Pets that day (and if you are reading this review while trying to decide whether to get Sitter4Pets’s help – then don’t think twice, just do it!). It was as if Eleanor had been just waiting for us to give her all our problems to solve. Two days of stress and anxiety just vanished into thin air! El gave us full confidence that she’d be able to handle the situation and walked us through the details of the services they offer and how she planned to cover those 5 weeks between herself and David (who is another gem of a person).

Everything that followed after the phone call was over and beyond our expectations – from an extremely professional and personalised quote, to El & David’s home visit, to setting us up on their members’ portal; each step getting us more comfortable with the idea of leaving our dogs and house in their care.
One of our biggest concerns was about passing on all the necessary information about our dogs and their habits and medications and routines and diets and favourite toilet places and….well, you get the gist. So when El asked us whether we wished to be the guinea pigs for their brand new SharePortal which would have answers to all our questions, we didn’t have to deliberate. The SharePortal is another testament to the professionalism of Sitter4Pets. A vast amount of thought has gone into the making of the portal, as it captures every piece of information that is key to ensuring a stress-free and safe pet sitting/stay. The portal has also got provisions for entering every piece of possible information that a customer might want to pass on to El and the team. And we’ve got no shame in admitting that we made good full use of the portal – we wrote over 5 pages of ‘additional information’ over two days, only cut short by lack of time! 😀
Anyway, El repaid the favour by issuing us more than 300 updates through the portal! From status updates about our dogs having synchronised p**ps, to videos of El telling us ‘everything is fine’ or of our astroturf in the backyard being deep-cleaned; we were kept well informed of everything throughout the duration of El and David’s stay. Sitter4Pets are also very well equipped to handle any home emergencies, we had an unexpected plumbing issue which was swiftly handled by David, with
the full details of the incident captured in an ‘Incident Report Form’ on the SharePortal – quite impressive!

Although we had an amazing holiday, the return trip was quite stressful with our flight getting postponed first, then cancelled and then rearranged for a date one week later than initially planned. El quickly rearranged her schedules and worked around other existing appointments (and even cancelled a personal health appointment) to cover us for one more week – we just can’t thank her enough for being flexible and understanding.
And finally, to top it all off, El had cleaned our house from top to bottom before our arrival back at home, and surprised us with lovely fresh flowers in a vase, a potted plant to get us back into spending more time in our garden and few other nice little surprises all around the house 🙂

Cleaning the house after coming back from a long vacation is one of the most stressful things to do, and we wouldn’t be lying if we said that our house has only felt so clean on our very first day of moving in many years ago! El made sure that on our arrival, we could settle in just like that with no hassle.

We can’t thank Eleanor and David enough for looking after our dogs and house so well. To just say Sitter4Pets have taken the stress away from us, will be an understatement – they have allowed us to be really free and enjoy our time on our vacation without worrying about even a single thing back home, to the extent that we didn’t even feel like checking the cameras in the house more than a handful of times over all those 5 weeks. We are not going to look elsewhere for our future pet sitting needs, we’ve found our permanent choice and made a new good friend 🙂

Sree Namelil (2021)

Regular updates maintain your peace of mind…

Sitter4pets is the first pet sitting business, of its kind, in the UK to have developed it’s own customer relationship system!

This unique system, which has been fully designed for Sitter4pets, allows you to receive regular updates and have 24 hour access to what is happening at home.

Not only do we log all pet and home duties but we also share photos and videos with you so you even get to see how happy your pets are with us.

And there’s a secure messaging system to allow you to ask any additional questions you might have.

All our clients love what we do!

Here are a few of the lovely testimonials written about us by our clients.